SIK f4cb, fixed blade Broadhead

the f4cb arrowhead

1.350 inch total cutting diameter

[100 grain]

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4-Blade Cut on Contact Fixed Blade Cross Bow Broadhead

  • The most accurate fixed blade crossbow brand head currently on the market
  • Features a 4-blade, laser-welded stainless steel design
  • Features a 27-degree razor-honed blade angle
  • Produces a 1.350" cutting diameter and a 3.350" cutting surface
  • Field-point accurate broadhead
Rugged and Dependable, the F4CB Cross Bow is the most accurate fixed blade crossbow broadhead on the market. Its 4 blades make it the deadliest. The all laser-welded stainless-steel design makes it the cleanest. And, the 27-degree razor-honed blade angle provides a 1.350" cutting diameter and a 3.350 cutting surface – making it the most reliable tool to Enter the Core.

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